5 Hot Desking Decorum Clients Should Follow

Hot desking is a way for business owners to have an office space without actually committing to have an serviced offices in dubai. This office setup can bring forth a number of benefits for entrepreneurs, especially to the ones who are still trying to get pass the infancy stage. It can help you establish your trade without spending too much on an office space.

But to be able to make the most out of your hot desk Dubai, you need to keep your attitude in check. Be sure to follow these set of etiquette to maximize your use of flexi desk:

  • Keep your voice down

There will be instances when you will have to take a call or talk to someone via video conference. As much as possible, take your call far from the area. Keep in mind that there are other people are also working in the space. When you are talking so loud, you will distract the people and clients. So, excuse yourself and find a place where you can take the call. Same goes for video conferences. Try to find an empty room to facilitate your video con.

  • Be polite and friendly

When you are working in business center in a flexi desk, expect that other business owners will approach and talk to you. This would be an opportunity to connect with fellow business owners. Do not take this opportunity for granted. Be polite and friendly when someone approached you. Your connections will be able to help your business in the long run.

  • Practice personal space

Although you are allowed to approach other clients in the area, you also need to respect their personal space. Keep in mind that people are there to work. When other people hover over their space, they will feel uncomfortable. Know to discern when is the best time to approach them and when is the best time to leave them alone. When you respect, they will do the same with yours.

  • Clean up after using the space

One of the most common blunders that client commit is not cleaning up the space after they use it. Although there are a cleaning staff that would be responsible for cleaning the space afterwards, you need to clean up your clutter as a sign of respect for the next user. When they that you are practicing cleanliness, others will also follow your lead.