Tips That’ll Help You Buy Quality Custom Brake Pads

Are you tired of same old fast rubbing brake pads and broken discs? it is time to pick new ones. But you might not want to go the same route again. This time, you’ll be looking to buy something that lasts longer. Sounds terrific! Now that you’ve decided, why not try out custom solutions like Alcon brake discs? Now come to pads, look for ones that are designed to give top performance and last for a long time. Here is what you should know before buying new brake disks and pads:

Look For Cutting Edge Braking Solutions

If you know anything about car brakes, you might know how custom braking solutions are designed. Let’s come back to brake disc. Custom brake discs are leaps and bounds ahead of their predecessors. Be it longevity, materials and overall performance, custom bake discs are right up there in the top draw. Carbon and ceramics, these brake discs ensure efficient braking on all types of terrain. There is more to a brake disc than you know. An efficient solution helps provide great endurance without sacrificing performance. It is compact and rigid so it doesn’t wear off as quickly as some other solutions. The tough design gives high performance even after being used carelessly after years.

Brake Pads

A little survey will introduce you to a number of car brake pad types. These pads are designed to stay up to the mark with other braking components. A number of different types of brake pads are available:

  • Ceramic pads
  • Semi-metal pads
  • Aramid composite pads

Ceramic pads are designed for quieter operations and yet maintaining longevity. These pads are extremely rigid and can withstand uneven roads. You can even use them on off-road rides and will still find them unharmed.

Semi-Metal Pads

Around 30% metal is used in preparing semi-metal brake pads. These pads are known to provide excellent performance under extreme temperatures. They can withstand harsh climates and do not wear off quickly.

Aramid Brake Pads

They are molded maintaining sufficient density and provide uniform friction. The notable feature of these brakes is their ability to produce linear response under all temperatures. Tanks to the notable strength of aramid fibers, these brake pads can withstand up to 480 Celsius.

So, now that you know more about brake discs and pads, it is time to find a reputable ebc brakes dealer in Dubai. make sure you don’t forget to pair it with Alcon brake discs.