Preparing the Menu For Your Upcoming Event

Managing and staging an event can be a nightmare for some people, especially when it comes to the food that will be serve. More than getting the best catering services in dubai can offer, you need to decide if the menu will be fitting for the kind of event that you are staging.

If you are currently having a headache on deciding your menu set list for your upcoming event, these tips might help you create the perfect menu for your event:

  • Determine what kind of event you are staging

The first thing that you need to do is determine what kind of event you are staging. Is it company event, a wedding, or a simple dinner? You may also need to determine the scale of the event and how many people would be attending this shindig. These information is important for you and your caterer to determine what kind of food should be served and for how many people. It would be best to ask the people involve if they have a preferred menu or food that they want to be served and what are their special requirements for the caterers.

  • Schedule a meeting with your trusted caterer

Once you have all the details, you can now meet with a food catering in Dubai and make an elaborate menu for the event. Present the list of information that you collate with the caterer. They would probably asked you some questions regarding the event (date, time, venue, etc.) so be sure to provide all the information they need.

  • Make several initial menu sets

Once the caterer have the information, they would provide you several menu options to choose from. Since you will be the point of contact, be sure to talk to your caterer and have him explained each menu set –from the dish and what it is made of. When you are clear with the menu, set a meeting with the people involved in the event so discuss the menu options. Ask them about their opinions and relay this to your caterer.

  • Schedule a food tasting appointment

Discussing the menu is one thing but tasting it is another story. And the latter is always the best! Have your client attend the food tasting appointment that you and the caterer set. It is important for the client to attend this meeting so they can see and taste the food themselves. They can personally give their opinions to the chef and caterer and make recommendations as well.

  • Have your “client” approved the list

If the client is satisfied with the menu they picked, be sure to get their approval in paper. This would prevent any sudden changes on the agreed menu which might cause confusion to the caterers.