Highly recommended coworking spaces in Dubai

Every single one of us have our very own different styles of co-working. While some would like peaceful quiet environment others may prefer a lively party along with their office work. These styles vary from people to people and the places that they choose to make their second home also known as office.

Here we have a list of co working cafe ranging from free entry to exclusive offers we have got it all covered in single co working space Dubai list.

Nasab by KOA

This place has a brilliant aesthetic connected to it which is accessible to only exclusive members. It has fine luxuries, such as swimming pools of the finest quality, cafes, Photography Studio, gym and a personal office. A dream come true for many out there. In order to get its membership you may need to prove your efficiency and your level of business. It is not always sure who will be accompanying you in this journey.


A fun and collaborative environment for all sport entrepreneurs out there in this beautiful  Helping them establish their businesses and provide them with legal licence to help promote their business with a comfortable work environment.


If you are one of those fresh entrepreneurs who do not like the bustling of a café, then this place is definitely for you. There are many good reasons why this is so. This is because it has a productive working lounge which proves to be beneficial for individuals who wants to get in the game of co working and learning managing spaces.

Our space 

As suggested by its name it is a multipurpose multitasking space which gives these aesthetic garden vibes in accordance to its belief in closness to nature. A very calm and peaceful place for people who want to have inside yet outside feeling.

Let’s work 

This place is not your typical co working space as it has offices all over the place with 14 different locations. It enables you to sign up simply by getting on their site and choosing the one nearest you. It has several perks such as unlimited coffee and tea, Wi-Fi, 20% discount on food and beverages et cetera. This is definitely a place where you can literally say I work in ‘let’s work’. Here, you can enjoy world-class services at a very pocket-friendly price.