Applications of Solid Surfaces

Solid surfaces are man-made surfaces used mainly as countertops as they are seamless and non-porous. They look similar to marbles, stones, and other naturally occurring material but require low maintenance. That’s why they are preferred by people more.

The solid surface is available in many patterns and colors. They can easily be formed in any shape. This makes it appealing to designers. Solid surfaces are used in many ways. There are two main surfaces that are used. One is horizontal surfaces which include kitchen and bathroom countertops, tables, laboratory bench tops, etc. Another is vertical surfaces such as shower walls, bathroom partition, and signs, etc.

Solid surfaces are used in the following places.

Kitchen and Bathroom:

These usually include vanity countertops, sinks, kitchen worktop, and bathtub. They are made up of solid surface which makes them durable. They are available in a variety of patterns and colors that you would choose according to your preference. This makes your house look elegant and beautiful. They also have smooth surfaces which make working on them easier.

Restaurants and Offices:

Many offices and hotels have impressive reception desks and tables that are appealing to people and give the room a completely different look.  These innovative ideas have set the bar high for others as well. This is because solid surfaces can easily form shapes by heating and twisting.

Shop fittings:

Equipment required at shop fittings is usually made up of solid surfaces. They are cost effective and have a vast variety. That’s why most shop fittings use solid surfaces. Displays, wall coverings, and counters all are made up of solid surfaces. Displays and wall covering are examples of vertical surfaces while counters are part of horizontal surfaces.

Public or commercial structures:

Almost all public places like bars, museums, airports have tables, reception desks, exterior, counters and, various displays or signs. These are made up of solid surfaces. They are seamless and non-porous. This makes it easy to clean and remove stains and bacteria. Their reliability makes people choose them over other natural materials.

Hospitals and laboratories:

Laboratory countertops and bench tops, decontamination sinks and medical instruments such as endoscopy are made up of solid surfaces. They are easy to clean and are cost effective that’s why they are usually used in hospitals and laboratories.

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