5 Ship Maintenance Hacks Ship Owners Need to Know

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Boats and ships, like any other vehicle, needs some TLC. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, the unforgiving marine environment can take a toll on your vessel. But you don’t have to go overboard on cleaning. By having a smart cleaning routine, you can cut the time scrubbing your boat and have more


  1. Get the right tools and cleaning agents

The first thing that you need to do to gather the right tools and cleaning agents for your boat. The cleaning equipment and solutions that you will use will depend on the composition of your vessel. Be sure to get the scrubbing brush that is durable enough to get rid of the grime and dirt stuck in your boat, but also soft enough as not to damage the boat’s finish. For your cleaning solution, choose one that has a neutral pH factor to avoid damage on the boat’s composition but also tough enough to remove the dirt and smell of salt, fish blood, and dirt.


  1. Rinse the ship fully

Scrubbing your ship without rinsing it first could potentially damage the paint and finish. Be sure to rinse and wash them first before you start brushing and scrubbing. You may need to have a large bucket to splash water into the vessel and use a sponge with soap solution to lather the cleaning agent on the material. Do the cleaning one part at a time.


  1. Do not forget the air ducts

Some ship owners forget the air ducts and focus on the exterior part of the boat. Remember that clean air is important, whether you are in land or in the middle of the sea. Dirty air ducts might cause allergies and respiratory ailments. Be sure to include this on your ship cleaning routine to avoid any ship indoor air problems. Make time to clean them or seek the help of air duct cleaning for ships companies to help you with this.


  1. Give it a good waxing

Making your boat shine is not just for aesthetics, but to protect the coating and finishing from harmful elements like the sea water, the harsh sea winds and the sun. It is not necessary to wax them every week, but make sure to have a regular boat waxing schedule (probably twice every quarter) to maintain and protect the fiberglass.


  1. Make your windows shine

Finish your boat cleaning by making sure that your boat windows are polished and clean. A simple solution of water and vinegar can help on cleaning your glass.


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