What vintage home ware will compliment by shabby chic theme bedroom?

The décor of your home, your bedroom in particular, truly represents who you really are, and the kinds of taste and style that you have. To be honest, bedrooms that are based on a particular theme are reflective of the creativity of the individual occupying it, and one of the best means of showing off your creativity in this regard is to take on a shabby chic theme for your bedroom! To be honest, this particular theme is one that is particularly meant for people who overlook fashion, and are all about style. Through this theme, which is based on achieving a vintage look, you would actually be able to give your home the kind of look that is really hard to find these days – it isn’t common!

Furniture for your bedroom
Wear and tear – that’s the word for the furniture that the best interior design companies in Dubai suggest you should be acquiring to set the mood right for your shabby chic theme bedroom. When you look back in time, you will learn that the furniture back then used to be painted again and again just so it had a fresh look. However, with exceeding wear and tear, the original wood, along with the base coat of the paint would obviously wear off over and over again, and well, that’s the kind of look that your furniture needs to have. The good thing is that this look can easily be created with the home ware that you already have in your bedroom. Take your wardrobe or bed for example, just grab a piece of sandpaper and rub off a bit of its paint. See, the thing that you need to do is make your furniture look worn out. Think of the parts of furniture where it is most common for wear and tear to appear and scrub those points till the time that either the base coat or the original wood appears.  As for the knobs, you could always replace them with old fashioned ones. Also, you could consider using miss matched knobs!

Lighting to compliment the shabby chic theme in your bedroom
The kind of lighting that most typically compliments the shabby chic theme is actually rather unique. To be honest, this theme is most intensely complimented by vintage chandeliers and bed side lamps. The kinds of colors that you should be opting for in your residential interior design Dubai are sky blue, white, yellow and pink. Another thing that you could do is add a bit of lace to it, and make sure that the lamps either have a chain, dangling thread or perhaps even a pull for switching it on and off. Never use switches! If you are considering getting a stand, then make sure it is made out of either wood or heavy metal.