Top Fashion Designers in Dubai

When you think of world-class designers, the first people that come to your mind are from Paris and Milan. It is very well-known that these 2 cities are the fashion capitals of the world. However, if you are really interested in fashion then you also want to know about other people, maybe less famous but as talented. Well, Dubai has a couple of names of its own that you should know about. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Madiyah Al Sharqi

Only high-quality fabrics and only the most exquisite designs. Madiyah Al Sharqi‘s  dresses are worth red carpets to say the least. She began her work in 2012 and soon became one of the most well-known designers in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. For a long time, Madiyah Al Sharqi was famous for gorgeous eveningwear but very recently, she released a new line of daywear.

Rami Al Ali

This couture designer has made dresses for both local influencers like Diala Makki and international pop stars like the queen Beyonce. His handcrafted dressed make any woman look like a flawless goddess and ready to conquer the world. The demand was so high that Rami Al Ali decided to expand his style and now, you can purchase ready-to-wear looks from Rami Al Ali.


The founder of the brand, Lilian Afshar is the most famous for her clutches. Her works are now exhibited in Paris, and the popular people of fashion industry lose their minds for her handmade bags. Her fame is not just local, Lilian Afshar is famous outside of the borders of the United Arab Emirates.

Nadine Kanso

From bags to jewelry, to speak about jewelry designers in Dubai and not mention Nadine Kanso is a shame. Photographer, artist and designer Nadine Kanso is inspired truly and completely by the Arabic culture. In her lines, you can find rings and earrings in the shape of Arabic words or letters. Nadine Kanso proves that you can have international recognition by promoting your culture.


If you are looking for a Dubai-based designer who creates flattering everyday clothing then Ayah Tabari is the one to go to. Her Mochi brand offers clothing for every season, whenever you want. Her lines are available in spite of the current season, so you can easily find a nice summer dress in winter or a jacket for the fall.