Things You Need To Know About Landscape Designers

Are you bored from your home’s same old landscape and want to give it a new look? If so, you need a quality landscape designer for the job. Hiring one is not that difficult, but finding the right one out of so many landscape designers in Dubai can be a little tricky. Here is what you should do to hire a reputable landscape designer for the job:

See The Permit

First thing before hiring the right landscape designer is to see the permit. You don’t want to hand over your landscape to a rookie designer right? Ask if the designer is licensed and has a legal permit to provide landscaping services. Once you are done, proceed with other requirements.

Discuss The Approach

Ask how they will approach the project. Doing so will literally reveal if the designer is competent enough for the job or not. A reputable contractor will discuss the project in great detail. Moreover, they’ll not shy away from putting their own feedback about how your home’s landscape can be further improved. Put as many queries as you can and find answers. If the landscape designer knows his art, he’ll likely come up with answers and suggestions.

Ask About Subcontractors

Some landscape contractors outsource some work to their subcontractors. Naturally, it should increase the cost of your landscaping. Ask them if they’ll do that, if they say yes, inquire more about the budget. Be clear about your budget and mention them you’ll not pay more than that. If they agree, hire them but if they don’t, you can opt to cancel the contract.

Duration Of The Project

Some landscape contractors try to stretch the contractors on purpose as it will increase the price of the contract. Make sure to mention proper deadline you want the project to complete. If the contractor argues, ask them the reason for stretching the deadline. A reputable contractor will not emphasize on stretching the deadline unless it is unrealistic. Do discuss the matter and be flexible if the contractor comes up with a good reason.


It makes no sense to hire one contractor for making the landscape and another for maintenance. Discuss your landscape designer if they can pull the maintenance part as well. Again, inquire about the cost of maintenance to avoid any confusion later.

Always pick a reliable, trustworthy designer like for revamping your home’s look.