Dos and Don’ts of Etiquette While You Are In A Desert Safari Trip

September 24, 2017 Comments Off on Dos and Don’ts of Etiquette While You Are In A Desert Safari Trip

Tourists and travelers are the life of a country’s tourism. They are the ones who are keeping the industry alive, in one ways or another. That is the reason why they are treated with highest regards. However, tourist must also follow certain guidelines when they are in a foreign land. One mistake can lead them into trouble.

So if you are planning on taking the Dubai morning desert safari tour, be sure to follow these etiquette tips to ensure full positive experience in your tour and sans the hassle:

  • Bring the essentials with you

Although your tour operator would probably provide almost everything you need during the trip, there are essentials that you need to bring for yourself. This would include cash, personal toiletries, camera and batteries, etc. If you forget something, the tour will not do a double take so you can get your things. Be prepared the night before and be sure you have everything you need for the trip. And if by chance you forget something, politely asked your co-passengers if you can borrow some from them and be sure to bring it back by the end of the trip.


  • Do not be late

Time is important for tour operators since they are following a certain schedule. For morning trips, it can go as early as 3AM. For some travelers, early tips can be unforgiving, but try your hardest to follow the schedule. Check and confirm with your tour operators your pick up and departure time so you can properly set your alarms. Be there on the scheduled time. Do not be late. The tour guide would give a grace or waiting period but that is just it. They will not wait for you to arrive if you are late.


  • Dress up for the occasion

Dubai and Abu Dhabi has a strict dress code for locals and tourists, not following them would merit sanction from the authorities. So be sure you have the right ensemble. Since the weather is hot and dry, wear something light and comfortable. Dressing uncomfortably on this kind of trip would just make the experience horrible for you. You can still wear something fashionable but keep it casual and cool. It would be best to check the dress code so you can be fully informed on what to wear.


  • Be courteous

Courtesy is a basic human response you can give to someone, even if you don’t know them. This holds true, especially if you are in a foreign land. Differences in culture might cause rift among people, but if you are courteous, you can avoid such situations. Answer politely when being asked and always small and say, “Thank You!”

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