Advantages of Private Nurseries

September 17, 2017 Comments Off on Advantages of Private Nurseries

Parents always want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their education. You want to enroll them on the best schools and give them the latest educational tools to ensure their learning.

Some parents opt to go for private nurseries to make sure that their children are getting quality education that need to thrive in life. If you are looking into enrolling your kid to a Al Mushrif nursery Abu Dhabi can offer, here are the advantages you and your kids can reap:

  • Private nurseries have updated international-based curriculum

The main advantage of private nurseries are their curriculum helps prepare the student in global setting. Most private nurseries have American or British-based curriculum which is known for their advance learning system. With this kind of curriculum, you kids are honed to compete on a global level and they can well adjust to international setting if they decided to enroll to a school overseas.


  • They focused on different facets of development

Academic growth is not just the focus of this kind of school. Holistic development of students are being observed so they can thrive outside the four corners of their classrooms. This would include physical development through physical activities, social development and language development which is crucial for communication. Other facets of development that are given attention is the Arts which gives appreciation and recognition to the student’s talents.


  • Kids are having fun through extracurricular activities

School is not all about learning. Students must be given space to have fun once in a while. Which is why extracurricular activities and after-school activities are encouraged and students are ask to participate on this kind of undertakings. It allows them to find and pursue their passion at a very young age which can help with their development. They are given a venue to which they can express their skills on a different setting other than their classrooms. Organizations within the school are allowed given they follow school protocols.


  • Values are being formed in a positive way

Values and principles are important part of a student’s formation. Through this, they are being thought on how communicate with other people from all walks of life and it will also guide them on crucial decision-making situations. Private nurseries gives venue to activities that would positively form the student’s values to help them later in life.

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