Simple Hacks On Protecting Your PC From Potential Hacking

August 16, 2017 Comments Off on Simple Hacks On Protecting Your PC From Potential Hacking

Your device is an investment that you need to protect. Whether you use them for work or personal purposes, steps must be taken to ensure that they are safe from digital threats like hacking. Here’s how:

  • Run your Firewall

Some PC users forget to turn on their firewall thinking it is just a mere disturbance on using their laptops and desktops. However, a firewall can serve as your PC’s first line of defense from hackers as it limits your device’s port opening to public, so be sure to turn your firewall on all the time. Same goes when adding a wireless router to your system. Get one that has a sturdy firewall to protect your connection.


  • Be cautious on P2P files sharing

Human are social animals and very fond of sharing and technology even boost that habit. We often used P2P sharing software to transfer files, songs, video, etc. But be wary on downloading from downloading these kinds of files. If you are not careful, you might download that have keystroke logger.


  • Dodge shady ads

Ads are made to captivate people and pique their curiosity and hackers know that. They often being used by dark web hackers to install virus to your company or give them access to penetrate your PC’s defense. If that happens, there are chances that your files will be copied, erased or share for the world to see. Some hackers can use it for identity theft and use that to do illegal acts or blackmail you for some money.


  • Install a trusted anti-virus software

Like the firewall, some PC users think that anti-virus are unnecessary annoyance or they are way too expensive and often disregards its uses. However, they are still quite relevant on protecting your device from hack attacks. Be sure to buy and install a trusted one for you PC. If cost is the issue, there are antivirus free download sites that can provide you with much needed protection for your device.


  • Do virus check regularly

Installing the anti-virus software is not enough. You need to do a routine virus check on your PC. Yes, your anti-virus software may detect the onslaught of outside attacks from hackers, but you may have corrupted files that needed to be scanned and dealt with.


  • Be careful when opening emails

Hackers are known to use emails to bait gullible users to click and redirect them phishing sites. Avoid this from happening by deleting suspicious email. Be very thorough on checking the legitimacy of the emails that you are receiving. Hackers create emails very similar to the official emails by legit companies so be very keen on checking.

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