Maintenance Hacks for Taking Care of Overhead Cranes

August 20, 2017 Comments Off on Maintenance Hacks for Taking Care of Overhead Cranes

Cranes are very important part of the production. Without these machine, there will be difficulty with loading and transferring heavy loads from point A to B. Which is why clients and production manager should make sure that these equipment is getting the care that they need. Here’s how:

  1. Ask for your supplier about the customized maintenance plan

On the process of the turnover and installation of the crane, you have to ask your crane supplier to give you a customized maintenance plan for the crane. This should be involved on how the production will take good care of the equipment when the crane starts to operate. The manual should also have a clear instruction on how to operate them. Having a maintenance manual can help extend the lifespan of the overhead crane companies and prevent any mistakes that would cause the crane to breakdown and malfunction. Remember that when the crane malfunction, it may cause the production to stop which can cause delays to your production line.


  1. Go for upgrades

Some production managers think that upgrades are not necessary for their equipment and they like it the way how it runs. But in reality, equipment modernization can be a potential key to prolong the longevity of any equipment. Upgrades would include replacing some spare parts to ensure that the crane would run smoothly and more efficient. There are some upgrades that are done necessarily to lessen the mechanical stress of the crane and make its lifespan longer.


  1. Train operators well

The crane operators will be the ones to handle the machine on a regular basis, so it is a must that you get the best one to operate them. Upon the hiring process, makes sure that the person that you will hire have ample experience on handling that specific model. If your old operator will be handling the new one, be sure that he undergoes rigid training to ensure that he will be able to manage and operate the equipment well. It would be best to train more than one person, so if in case the main operator is not available, there are still someone who can operate them on their behalf.


  1. Do not use it for other purposes

Overhead industrial cranes builders made are built to serve specific purpose. If you will use it for other purposes, it might cause its early breakdown. Cranes are made to withstand specific limits set by the clients’ requirement. For example, the crane is used for rigging steel, you should not use it for rigging liquids and other items.


  1. Allot time for maintenance

Some plant and production manager allot little time for equipment maintenance since it might hamper the production. But sufficient maintenance time is needed to ensure that the equipment is running at its peak. If little time is given to this kind of activities, expect the equipment to deteriorate faster than it should be.

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