Home Preparation You Need To Do Before You Begin Revamp

September 28, 2017 Comments Off on Home Preparation You Need To Do Before You Begin Revamp

As a homeowner, having your home renovated is a big but necessary step to improve and enhance your home space. It is definitely an exciting phase. But before you start with any work, there are some preparations that you need to accomplish to ensure a smooth home reno:

  1. Determine the size of the project

The first thing that you need to do is to know how big the project will be. Are you going for the entire space or just part of it? What would be the work that needs to be done? You need to know the scope of the revamp so you can better decide in terms of size and of budget. Remember that a revamp can be costly, so on the onset you need to know of your finances can handle it.


  1. Canvass on a contractor

To better understand the scope, you may need to consult with a building and carpentry services along with an electrician in Dubai. Call them and ask for an initial phone estimate. To be more precise with the pricing, it would be best if you can invite them in your home so they can see for themselves the space and have a close estimate of how much work will be done. When scouting for a contractor, it would be best to pick a company that offers a whole range of building service – from carpentry to house painting. You can have a higher chance of getting discount by allowing one contractor to do everything than by going for a piece meal scheme which can be costly and hard to manage.


Once you have a contractor, be sure to read the agreement and the fine print so you are clear with the terms and stipulations.


  1. Clear the space

A day or two before to work starts, the whole space should be clear of furnishings and people. Leaving the furniture on the space while there is a revamp is never a good idea. The workers will have a hard time moving around the space and there is a big chance that they will damage your furniture. It would be best to store them temporarily on a storage facility. As for the family member, better look for a temporary home or book a hotel to house your loved ones until the renovation is done.


  1. Give last minute instructions

As home owners, it is still your responsibility to ensure that everything is in order before and during the renovations. Before any work starts, do a last minute inspection on the place and ask your foreman again to walk you through on what they are going to do and for how long.

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